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Dresses are made to order based on both the color you choose & the size you choose per your measurements; therefore, all dress sales are final and cannot be exchanged or returned. Our staff will measure you and give you size recommendations & guidance based on your measurements, but ultimately it is your decision on what size you choose.  Alterations are usually necessary on dresses. There are additional fees for alterations, and pricing is based on what alterations are needed or requested on your dress. Dresses must be picked up within 3 weeks of the date you are informed that they have arrived.  Dresses that are not picked up within this timeframe are subject to a $25 per week storage fee. We highly encourage that you try on your dress when it is picked up.  This is to ensure there are no defects to the dress that were not detected upon inspection. If you choose not to try on your dress, or if you have someone other than the person whom the dress was intended for pick up the dress, Blush Bridesmaid is not responsible once it is removed from the store. If you plan on having someone other than yourself pick up your gown, please call us to let us know.  


The initial fitting appointment must be at least 3 weeks before the wear date. There is a $25 rush fee for alterations requested for a wear date that is less than 3 weeks from your initial fitting, and $40 if it's less than 1 week. 


The alterations performed on your gown & pricing will be discussed with you during your initial fitting. Alterations are priced according to the services requested. Each service is priced separately. For example: straps, shoulders, bodices, bra cups, waists, side seams, zippers, hooks and eyes, snaps, buttons, hems, customizations, etc, each have a separate price based on the fabric amount, type of fabric, and the construction of your garment. Please keep this in mind when you are requesting your alteration services.

After your first fitting, an appointment will be made for you to try on and pick up your dress. If you choose not to make an appointment you must pick up the dress within 7 days of the date you are contacted that it's ready. Beyond the seven days there will be a $25 per week storage fee.  Also, beyond the seven days, the fit is no longer guaranteed. (this is due to changes in the body such as weight loss / gain, etc).  In addition, if the same alterations need to be adjusted, you will be charged accordingly.   We highly advise that the garment is tried on before removing it from the store. If you choose not to try it on or if you have someone other than the person whom the garment was intended for pick it up, Blush Bridesmaid is not responsible for the garment once it is removed from the store.

If you have any questions regarding our policies, please let us know! Thank you for your understanding.


The Blush Bridesmaid Team

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