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Why A Bridesmaid Store?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

We know you're here to discover everything NEW & EXCITING about the bridesmaid world. But first, let me introduce myself....

I'm Lindsay, the proud owner of a small boutique with big character specializing in bridesmaid dresses. I call Blush Bridesmaid "my baby", because that's what it is to me, my pride & joy. Blush was established in January 2016 (we just celebrated our 3 year birthdayday on 1/27, woo!) and I made it my 2019 goal to finally start this blog. So here it is, my very first post about the #1 question I get asked "Why a bridesmaid store"?

If you are a recent fiancé congrats! You now may've just discovered that there is a whole big world dedicated to WEDDINGS, and my guess is that before you started dreaming about becoming engaged, you probably had no idea that this "world" existed. Well, this world exists... it is big... it is overwhelming ... it is REAL! (dang Pinterest!). I recently got married, so believe me, I feel you, I sympathize with you, I empathize with you, but in reality, I'm mostly just jealous of you because my wedding is over, and this "world" is actually a really fun one to get lost in.

My goal with these weekly blog posts is inspire, help & inform you on all things wedding related with a bit of a biased emphasis on bridesmaids. If you take even one piece of my advice, or if only one sentence of one article helps you during your wedding planning process than I consider that a success!

"Why a bridesmaid store"? (a question that even my UPS driver has asked me). Or, "did you dream about owning a bridesmaid store as a little girl"? Over the last 3 years, I think I have been asked this question 1,000 times, maybe 10,000. At first, my answer was the truth (the long truth), about how I always wanted to open up a business, but then I was confused and didn't know what to do, and I hated sitting at a desk, and I felt so unfulfilled, then my sister got engaged and blah blah blah. I quickly realized I needed to come up with a quick answer to the question so I typed my answer in one sentence and memorized it:

"I've always dreamt about owning my own business and when my friends & family started getting engaged I fell in love with the wedding world, so here I am!"

Yeah but why a bridesmaid store?

I needed two sentences! ......... "I've always dreamed about owning my own business and when my friends & family started getting engaged I fell in love with the wedding world. I felt like there wasn't many options for bridesmaids to find dresses in the area, so here I am!"

That usually satisfied the questioner.

The problem with my answer is that there is just so much more to it, and if you are considering coming to Blush, I want you to know why we opened our doors 3 years ago. Like 99% of the population (not a real stat), I didn't wake up as a 10 year old and say "I want to own a bridesmaid store when I grow up!" Although, when I was 10 years old, I did tell my Mom that I wanted to open up a Subway! (eat fresh).

It wasn't until my sister got engaged in 2015 and I was right along side of her during her wedding planning that the wheels started turning. I went dress shopping with her and was in awe that people went to work every day at these adorable boutiques and assisted happy brides-to-be, celebrating the most joyous time of their life, find the dress of their dreams.

But when we went bridesmaid dress shopping the experience just went downhill. As the first time being a Maid of Honor, I wanted to feel special, cared about, and wanted someone to help ME find the dress of my dreams to complement my sister, because, lets face it, I was only going to be a Maid of Honor once (this was a very special day for me too!).

Fast forward 7 months......

I was 29, working in Corporate America, sitting at my cube and quite frankly, miserable. My sisters (fantastic) wedding was over I went out to lunch one day to Panera Bread and had this epiphany

I wanted to create a space where a group can come in and have a similar experience that a Bride does when she is shopping for her wedding gown. A place where best friends can get together and be themselves and have fun picking out their dresses.

So alas, that is the backstory of how Blush Bridesmaid was born.

"I wanted to create a place where best friends can get together, be themselves and fun picking out their dresses"

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